The word of the day… respect.  Does anyone have it anymore?  I have listened to a couple of friends fighting this weekend and I have come to the conclusion that neither one shows much respect for the other.  Old problems thrown back at each other when feelings get hurt.  Jabs taken at personal issues.  It has been a long list of things that in my mind comes thru as a lack of respect.  Yes, I get in fights with friends and family too, but I would like to think I take the high road and not throw salt into the wounds.  It is something I try to be very conscious of others feeling as I know how bitter bad words can taste.

I also work with the public… now there is an epidemic of lack of respect!  From very personal cell phone conversations in the middle of a family restaurant, to swearing at the park in front of young children, from paying NO attention to cashiers at the checkout to blaming the employees for being out of stock of a certain item… there are a MILLION examples of common courtesy being ignored or maybe never taught.  So often I see parents showing no respect to their children.  Yes, they are a child and should show respect to their parents, but how do they learn that respect.  You have to SHOW it.  I always spoke to my daughter as a human being (no baby talk) and really listened to what she had to say.  That takes time that a lot of parents these days don’t have.  I understand working long hours or two jobs, but what about the day-cares?  Do they have the staff to show respect to all the children at once?  Even when they get to school age there are a lot of great teachers, but it only takes one who shows no respect for the student to encourage the lack of respect back.

I was raised to be a part of what was going on around me.  It was not a case of speak only when you are spoken to, but it was like I had a voice.  Granted I was too shy to use it most of the time, but I knew they would listen if I spoke at the right times.  I get busy and ignore texts, let the answering machine pick up and all those other things at times… but I know I always get back to whoever it was (with the exception of telemarketer who never leave a message anyway… that is a whole different blog!) within a day.  Don’t turn your back on friends.  Don’t alienate family.  You don’t have to like them, you can be mad at them… but RESPECT them.

Understand we all have bad days and may need to say no.  We all make mistakes.  Not everyone knows you were up all hours of the night and got no sleep, or that you have been sick and don’t feel up to original plans that were made, or that you had a family emergency and you are stressed beyond limits.  Remember we all need respect… don’t assume anything.  Take the time to respect and talk to each other, but most of all listen.  That is where respect will grow.

…rant over.


Why do people have to move?  It is the silliest and most frustrating thing in the world!  I have moved 4 times before and am in the middle of #5.  Half of the things you can’t pack until the last minute and then it is the pack until 3 am rush.  I overslept this morning and have no ambition today.  This is the day to make phone calls for switched services at least, so not a lot of time for that.  It is also catch up on laundry day… It is supposed to be a plus having a washer drying IN my apartment.  BUT it is in the basement/garage and I am so sick of stars.  Glad my new place has laundry on the main floor.

But really why do we move so much?  I know people who move every year of college to a different apartment.  It is most likely a 4 year run… can you really say you enjoy moving every year?  Box it all up, move, unpack, study, box it again, repeat yearly.  Maybe it is because I am past my college years so I lack the energy to do such a thing.  I just don’t get it.  I moved my four times for pretty normal reasons… away from home, into a house with marriage, back home with a divorce, and a place all my own.  Now move 5 is to be closer to work in a MUCH nicer place.  But really if gas cost weren’t thru the roof… I would be content to stay where I am for a while more.  It is not paradise, but it is a roof over my head.

I guess I should live and learn…become a packing pro with another move of experience.  …and stop avoiding the situation by writing about it and GET BACK AT IT!

(((HUGS))) to everyone!

1 am

Hello… who ever you may be.  Welcome to the dusty corners of my mind.  Often late at night my mind wanders too fast to sleep.  Words become my escape, my freedom, and quite often my savior.  I am far from perfect.  Both as a human and a writer…I have a free form style that my English teachers would cringe at I am certain.  And I am flawed by battles with cancer (I beat it 10 years ago) and a new monster in my life called fibromyalgia.  Too bad… I am not her to whine.  I am here to express.  Search for a little hope maybe.  Certainly to find a voice I am comfortable with.  When I am well enough to do so, Mother Nature and taking walks with my camera in hand are my greatest moments of inspiration.  It is when night falls, my body is exhausted and my mind is stuck in high gear where the words kind of trickle out.  If I didn’t allow the leak I am afraid I might explode before dawn.

I have an odd sense of humor… and I hope you will bear with me as I take on this wondrous thing called life.  It has had its bad patches, but it is MINE and I have a lot of joy around me if I remember to LOOK at it occasionally.

So… this is me.  I am a lost soul wandering through time and hoping to find the moments of wonder to share.  And even the times of darkness that haunt me might wander out once or twice, but I keep the monsters on a short leash usually.

I am me, no apologies.  I don’t ask for an audience, but welcome those who are curious.  I just have to let the muse out to play once and awhile.

Good night to you…(((HUGS)))!