1 am

Hello… who ever you may be.  Welcome to the dusty corners of my mind.  Often late at night my mind wanders too fast to sleep.  Words become my escape, my freedom, and quite often my savior.  I am far from perfect.  Both as a human and a writer…I have a free form style that my English teachers would cringe at I am certain.  And I am flawed by battles with cancer (I beat it 10 years ago) and a new monster in my life called fibromyalgia.  Too bad… I am not her to whine.  I am here to express.  Search for a little hope maybe.  Certainly to find a voice I am comfortable with.  When I am well enough to do so, Mother Nature and taking walks with my camera in hand are my greatest moments of inspiration.  It is when night falls, my body is exhausted and my mind is stuck in high gear where the words kind of trickle out.  If I didn’t allow the leak I am afraid I might explode before dawn.

I have an odd sense of humor… and I hope you will bear with me as I take on this wondrous thing called life.  It has had its bad patches, but it is MINE and I have a lot of joy around me if I remember to LOOK at it occasionally.

So… this is me.  I am a lost soul wandering through time and hoping to find the moments of wonder to share.  And even the times of darkness that haunt me might wander out once or twice, but I keep the monsters on a short leash usually.

I am me, no apologies.  I don’t ask for an audience, but welcome those who are curious.  I just have to let the muse out to play once and awhile.

Good night to you…(((HUGS)))!

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