Grey Skies, Rain Drops and Life

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

The puddles are gathering at the park and I felt I had to be there.  I had to be there because I missed the past.  I missed walking.  And I missed seeing things growing and thriving in spite of adversity.  Some one simply had to say that I could “still take walks” to give me the strength to get back to the trails.  I may be slower on my journey around a much smaller section of the park.  It is not the long path I used to walk two or three times a week.  But back then it was easy to walk for an hour or more… it was only the beginning of where my life would change.  Some good and some bad, but I still say I survived so many of the changes because I found that link in nature to a part of me that was more at peace.

It is amazing how a simple song bird can calm a chaotic mind.  How the rustling of leaves can blow away fears lurking deep within.  How the cool moisture of a random raindrop can refresh a haunted soul.  Sunshine may warm the skin, but it is not here today and that is ok.  We have to have rain to keep nature revolving through its life span, just as we have to have a balance of sadness and joy in our lives.  Too much of any one thing can tilt the scales into reckless destruction.

I took the time to inhale a bit of healing.  The steps may be harder to take as the days wear on, but each one screams, “I am still alive!”  The flowers bloom and the river flows faster as I limp over the bridge.  There is a bridge to the future somewhere ahead.  I will find it and one way or another get across.  Let the rain fall.  Let the birds sing.  Let life renew.  I am at peace for the moment.  I am still alive.


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