A Princess, A Knight and A Rant

Once upon a time…

The world does not have fairy tales.  It has the monsters and demons but never the happy ending.  Why do we make almost all stories end happy?  When was the last time you left a movie upset because the ending did not wrap things up in a neat little smile?  There is always a message of hope or a future of possibilities waiting in sparkling rainbows.  That is not real life.

Life seems more like a formula of one step forward two steps back.  There is a new baby for a friend, while 4 others suffer the loss of a family member or close friend.  One person I know gets a job, while two others still hit the pavement turned away door after door.  Even something as simple as a great sale at the store on meat, but the price of bread and milk sky-rocket.  Where is the balance?

As a kid teeter totters were fun, even the unexpected bump occasionally.  Now the bumps leave me bruised and I am light headed from the up and down with no stopping.  A merry-go-round brought smiles at 6 years old, now life’s unending spin leaves me dizzy with confusion and frustration.  Back when life was full of innocence a roller coaster gave a small scare before the rush of wind in a free fall.  Now life’s roller coaster emotions leave me in pain gasping for relief.

If fairy tales were real family would not rob each other, friends would never lie, lovers would not cheat and we would always help out a stranger.  Sadly that is not reality… can I become a kid again?

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