Daily Prompt: Complicated

via Daily Prompt: Complicated

This daily challenge seems too easy… in one word my life.  Or I could go with any of a number of friends I know who have complicated lives. I feel I might even be able to dig up a complicated picture (and may post it here as well).  But what is complicated most right now?  My financial situation, my love life, my family dynamic, even friend interactions… they can all get complicated.  And quite honestly I sat down with too many idea to put into words…but that is where the real complication comes in.  It is like an overload caused a writers block of sorts and I don’t know what to write.

So I thought of a picture I took years ago that I still don’t understand… I then spent 20 minutes searching for it in my files and believe is somehow got deleted.  To describe it does not convey the confusion and complicated nature nearly as well as the picture did.  SO … back to thoughts on what to write. I could try to write in poetic form, but I am feeling no rhyme or rhythm today.  And that leaves me back to a writers block.

How about a definition?  According to dictionary.com complicated is ” composed of elaborately interconnected parts; complex” so why not try to find connected things to complicated in a form I am not very strong with to challenge this writer’s block, therefor making it more complicated… a political acrostic.





Line assembly






Destruction of environment

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