No Zing

This morning starts with a fizzle instead of a boom.  I have no bounce in my step, no gusto, no oomph, no zing.  With fibromyalgia I get days where the pain tries to dictate my life.  Today is one of those days.  It is day 3 of a flare in my pain, specifically lower back pain.  I had to run a couple of errands last night and just getting in and out of the car was more than challenging.  I decided the 45 minute drive to my doctor today would have to wait for another day.  When I go into town the traffic is so busy I get tense.  Adding tension to the existing pain I know it would set me back even more days.  I am hoping doing my physical therapy exercises and a little TLC I can nurse me back to an easier level of pain.

I think I may have triggered this pain due to stress.  The death of a family member has brought out the worst in some of the family members… too often that happens instead of bringing families together to support each other.  And I am starting my yearly worry mode.  I am a 13 year breast cancer survivor and when I have my yearly checks I always get nervous.  I was a mere 36 when I was diagnosed and with such an early diagnosis my odds for recurrence are a little higher.  And I am the queen of worry.  Add stress and worry and it causes tension, which make the pain worse.

So today I will write, read, listen to some music and take it easy.  I did my exercises to start the day.  I will do the exercises once more today and hope this pain eases up.  With any luck my zing will return soon.  I hope you all put a little zing in your day… (((HUGS)))

4 thoughts on “No Zing”

  1. I’m sure the pain is coming due to stress. parhaps you could find a way to worry less. Things around us are only the triggers, stress is in us

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