Day 15

Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2
Hidden Beauty

There is often beauty hidden in nature just like there is good that can be found among the bad.  Today was an anxiety filled day as it was time for my cancer re-check.  13 years ago I discovered I had breast cancer.  I went through the chemotherapy and radiation both.  I beat it with the help of some great doctors.  Today was bittersweet as after seeing my oncologist all these years I “graduated” and will no longer see him for my yearly mammograms.  He kept me going and got me through some rough patches.  Even went above and beyond to help me find a doctor that would treat my fibromyalgia.  So I am ecstatic to be free of the oncology department, but I am going to miss some real heroes in my book.  Cancer is an ugly thing, but there is beauty hidden in anything.

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