Day 25 – 100 Days of Happiness

A fourth of the way through this challenge I got to put on my Mom hat.  It is a hat I dearly love to wear.  And since my daughter is on her own it is rare that I get to wear the hat like I used to.  But today my daughter asked me to.

My daughter is sick.  Nothing major just the common cold, but it is one of the few times she wants her mom still.  She called asking if we had any chicken noodle soup in our pantry that I could bring to her.  A well prepared mom I jumped into action and pulled two cans from the shelves and set off to make a delivery.

She is actually on the tail end of the cold.  Her fever seems to have broken and she and I found a couple of things to laugh about as we sipped some tea and waited for the soup to warm.  I certainly don’t want my daughter to be sick, but am glad to still be needed at times.

Time to restock the pantry to be ready the next time… it is almost a perfect record of her getting sick every year around Christmas time since she was little so there will be more need I am sure.  I will set my hat back on the shelf for now and embrace the feeling of love and being needed while it is still fresh.  I love being a mom.

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