Day 32 – 100 Days of Happiness

I love being a mom.  I sometimes feel sad I only had one child, but when she turned out so wonderful why mess with “perfection.”

Seriously, my daughter has been pretty busy at work, took a trip to Chicago, has a social life and a visit to mom just didn’t fit her schedule well… until today.  It was just a couple of hours but we caught up on some things, had a great talk and even watched our guilty pleasure – the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.  It does my spirit wonders to have a chance to talk to her in person.  We always seem to find something to laugh over.. today it was a sappy moment on the soap we make fun of.

It still amazes me how my daughter turned out to be the wonderful young woman she is today.  I don’t feel I set a good example for her, but she turned out great in spite of that.  Her dad, in spite of the demons he battled, loved her very much and was a good father to her.  Some how the two of us were able to guide her to the woman she is today.

I am happy she is my daughter, thrilled she is my friend and forever will be in awe of the amazingly strong woman she is.

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