Day 36 – 100 Days of Happiness

Yesterday’s festivities although fun left me with enough fatigue to almost sleep too much of the day away.  But I hopped up and got ready fast when I remembered I had to take my Dad, who is 80 and can no longer drive, to his doctor appointment.

Being only about 35 minutes later than I had planned on being there, Dad was in a good mood actually.  He did blood work and got a good report from the doctor.  Every good report is music to my ears.  I am not ready to lose him yet.

After the trip out he had some computer concerns and asked me if I could try to straighten things out for him.  Now I am far from being a computer genius but I can do some basic things.  So I set out on fixing what he needed and I think I accomplished it all.

So for the day I got to spend some time with my father and felt I got some things done on the computer for him… all in all a good day with Dad.  I fear those days are not going to last much longer.  But then again his mom was well into her nineties when she passed away.  I am just going to enjoy the good days while I can … nothing lasts forever.

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