Day 47 – 100 Days of Happiness

I am not a big sports fan.  If I had to pick a sport to watch it would have to be either college football or basketball.  I do however try to at least watch some of the World Series.  This year with two underdog teams it is hard not to be happy about the teams hard-fought battle to make it to the series. I have never really watched much baseball on TV and have been to fewer live games… however I do believe the live version is much more fun.

Tonight was game 5 in the series.  It was make or break time for the Cubs and it was a really close game.  I would much rather watch a game that is evenly matched than a lopsided win (like game 4 seemed to be). Being from the Midwest I choose the Cubs to be the team I am rooting for and tonight’s game was pretty incredible.  A lot of good playing from each team really, but the Cubs pulled off the win.

I can’t tell you what stats any of the players have, who hit well, who scored, or even who pitched… but I can tell you it was exciting to watch the crowd and see the sheer enthusiasm as the Cubs took the game into the win column.  A travel day tomorrow and then another needed win for the Cubs.  It would make it a nail-biting series taking it all the way to the wire and the final game of 7 to decide the victor.  Honestly the way both teams have played I see no losers at all in this series.  But I still say, “Go Cubbies!”

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