Day 40 – 100 Days of Happiness

My head is swirling tonight with some unexpected news so I am doing all I can to hold onto the happy times of the day.  Falling back on something that always makes me happy is no different today.  For my birthday, since I am a member of their eclub, I get a free Perkins breakfast coupon.  Today my daughter and I went to use my coupon and have a nice late breakfast together.  We drank coffee that was more on the bitter side and not up to normal standards, but they were pretty busy too so we endured and laughed about it.

That is one thing that no matter how bad of a day either of us is having, when we get together we can usually make each other laugh.  I can say with pride my daughter is one of my best friends too.  I almost got to see her again tonight for a little bit, but she ended up having to work late.  There is always tomorrow though for another dose of laughter!

Day 39 – 100 Days of Happiness

Music transforms the world around me

I can escape to paradise

find a new love

reminisce about the past

…the list is endless


I have been lost in song a good part of the day.  It is probably my imagination, but I think all of my favorites have been played.  The ones that make me smile, cry and even amorous.  Tonight I am listening to some classic rock and reliving a couple of Springsteen concerts right now while I type this to the sounds of “Glory Days”.  Earlier my thoughts wandered with a little Bad Company and “Feel Like Making Love”.  I have heard The Doors, Talking Heads and Styx… such variety makes the brain wander even further.  I can recall concerts, first dates (all of the “our songs” I have had), MTV videos – back when they played music. Music has a magic nothing else can affect me like.  And one of these days I will tell you about my love of live music, but now it is time to switch to some meditation music and try to get some rest, right after this next song…

Daily Prompt: Millions

Millions… I wanted to write a poem about a dream I’ve had a million times, but the words just would not flow.  So lets talk about a different kind of dream.  If I won a million dollars in the lottery…

The logical first step would be to talk to a lawyer. My mom instilled in me the importance of saving money, so the smart thing to do would be to put half in savings.  Ideally some kind of an account I cannot touch that would earn a guaranteed amount of interest that would be a yearly “income”.

The other half a million… what would be the fun things I would buy?  I would start with home… maybe look into a townhouse. I would like at least a 3 bedroom place so I can have friends and family over.  I like the car I am driving, it is not too old so no need for a car, but maybe I would look into an RV to travel in.

The money will not be for diamonds and furs.  I would rather have opals and jeans and t-shirts.  Honestly I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and anything of any value I would be afraid of losing or breaking it.  And I would not want a full lifestyle change where I had to invest in gowns and formal wear.  I want to be able to go to the supermarket still and check the local Wal-Mart or Target for a bargain.

I know it is cliché to say that I don’t want it to change me, but I know it would in some ways.  I would love to expand my ability (which is now at zero) to help some charities I really believe in.  And it would be nice to not have to budget out whether or not I can afford a cup of coffee.

It is always fun to think about what more money could do to my life.  Now if someone would just let me win to prove how it would not change me… LOL


Day 38 – 100 Days of Happiness

A fourth and fifth generation tradition continued today.  Like my mother before me, I managed to watch the soap operas with my daughter until she became a fan as well.  It all goes back to my great-grandmother and grandma listening to As The World Turns on the radio.  That in turn lead to my mom beginning to watch it when it was then on television.  And on summer breaks from school I would watch ATWT and Guiding Light with my mom.  As my daughter was growing up we watched those until they went off the air and now we still record and try to keep up with The Bold and the Beautiful.  This was the first day in quite a while she had the afternoon off and could watch a few episodes of the soap.  It is a guilty pleasure and a family tradition.  And ANY TIME I can spend with my daughter always makes me happy.

Day 37 – 100 Days of Happiness

Two things today were laugh out loud moments and it is hard to pick from the two.  So I guess I will share both of them.

My cat has a love of laundry baskets.  When I manage to finally get one empty she always seems to be there to jump inside of it and sit.  She does the same thing with the clothes hamper.  Tonight after emptying the laundry basket, I pushed her around in it a bit – she seemed to enjoy the ride.  And I stopped her in front of her round track toy that has a ball in it to spin.  Next thing I know she is pushing her paw out the side of the basket to play with the ball.  She sat there in the basket nearly 5 minutes just spinning the ball.  I had to laugh.

One show that will often make me laugh is The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.  Tonight was no different.  He was live after the last presidential debates and his spin on them was funny.  Then he had a guest on I dearly love to see – Hugh Laurie.  The show made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion so I figured it was blog worthy.

Try to take some time to laugh… it can be good medicine.  (((HUGS)))

Day 36 – 100 Days of Happiness

Yesterday’s festivities although fun left me with enough fatigue to almost sleep too much of the day away.  But I hopped up and got ready fast when I remembered I had to take my Dad, who is 80 and can no longer drive, to his doctor appointment.

Being only about 35 minutes later than I had planned on being there, Dad was in a good mood actually.  He did blood work and got a good report from the doctor.  Every good report is music to my ears.  I am not ready to lose him yet.

After the trip out he had some computer concerns and asked me if I could try to straighten things out for him.  Now I am far from being a computer genius but I can do some basic things.  So I set out on fixing what he needed and I think I accomplished it all.

So for the day I got to spend some time with my father and felt I got some things done on the computer for him… all in all a good day with Dad.  I fear those days are not going to last much longer.  But then again his mom was well into her nineties when she passed away.  I am just going to enjoy the good days while I can … nothing lasts forever.

Day 35 – 100 Days of Happiness

This day… it holds mixed emotions for me.  Growing up my Mom always made a very big deal about birthdays.  I still miss her on my birthday.  Plus her birthday is just less than 2 weeks away… hard to believe she has been gone for 6 years.  Hard to believe I made it to today.

I was told 13 years ago I had breast cancer.  So in light of having what is too often a death sentence I survived.  And am glad to say I am another year older.  I just am not too sure about this year.  I have no problems saying I just turned 50, I have problems being 50 with very little to show for it in the midst of my battle for disability.  I never thought I would be here so soon.

But today is about happiness.  That extra year I have survived.  The wonderful memories of birthdays of the past.  And making memories of new.  Today was a nice day… had dinner with my boyfriend and daughter at a local Mexican restaurant – the fried ice cream for dessert is sinful!  Then we came home and played a card game.  It is moments together with family that give me the most happiness.  And lucky me I get to do it all over again next week when the rest of the family can get together with me and wish me a happy (this is from my older sister) half a century.

The candles have been blown out and the games put away.  I may not have the youth I wished to hang on to, but I have the greatest gifts – life, love and family.  (((HUGS)))