Day 53 – 100 Days of Happiness

Music is a big part of my life.  There are not many days that I don’t listen to some kind of music at some point in time.  So it is no surprise then that I love movie musicals or movies with great soundtracks.

Today after my boyfriend and I watched a show we had recorded on our DVR I checked the channel guide to see what was on and I caught a movie just starting that I have watched many times and know the soundtrack well.  It is the movie The Rose with Bette Midler.  I love the music and although sad it is a very good movie.  Bette puts so much emotion in all her songs you really feel them.  It really draws me into the movie every time.

So now I am thinking tomorrow it is time to bring out some DVDs to watch – Chicago, Rent, The Big Chill…just to name a few.  Even the soundtrack to Star Wars and the Harry Potter films are really great to listen to.  What are some of your favorite movie musical/soundtracks?

2 thoughts on “Day 53 – 100 Days of Happiness”

  1. Fun post! Yes, I also love music (listening to Liz Wright now), and musicals. One of my favorite musicals is White Christmas, which I’m looking forward to watching soon! Music seems to stir my emotions!
    Enjoy your upcoming movies and music!

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