Day 54 – 100 Days of Happiness

I had a little of the creative muse flowing through me today… that makes me happy.  When the words are coming I don’t tend to dwell on the negative.  I may write about it, but then it is out of my head and onto the screen or paper.

After the daily post I just kept writing for myself and added two more poems to my personal collection.  Every poem that I complete and am pleased with makes me feel accomplished.  When I share one here and others like it or comment on it, it really makes me feel a little less invisible.  It really is a type of therapy for me.

So while I still have the muse present I think I will try to write some more.  This is one of those split nights for me… I slept a few hours and now am wide awake with 3 or 4 hours left to sleep.  Oh well… sleep is overrated isn’t it?  LOL  May your muse be with you today… (((HUGS)))

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