100 Days of Happiness

I have once again had a night that got away from me so I will have to do two posts in one tonight…

Day 63 – I got a letter from a good friend of mine today.  She used to work with my Dad actually and I tagged along a couple of times to lunches they had together… now I am so glad I did, because she became such a good friend.  She is a beautiful soul who is strong, loving and afraid of nothing.  She has a wonderfully quiet place in the country now and shares beautiful nature photos and stories of the birds, butterflies and assorted farm pets with me.  Her letters are a joy, almost as much as she is.  She gave me more than one smile today!

Day 64 – Tonight has been a tough one for me for several reasons but I am happy I have words.  Words to express my pain and fear (my post on the daily prompt filthy) words to tell a friend I care (a small text exchange for a friend in some stress) and words to clear my head (my journal writing).  On days like today if I did not have words, if my muse left me, I think I would just curl up in a ball and waste away.  Writing can bring a peace that nothing else can touch sometimes… very therapeutic.

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