Day 84 – 100 Days of Happiness

I have a love hate relationship with shopping.  I really do love to shop for others, but I really hate having to watch my pennies.  I can look for just the right gift for someone and enjoy “the hunt” but if I find that extra something for them, it kills me to have to walk away from it because of lack of funds.  That being said, today’s happiness puts me closer to being done with Christmas shopping.  It was a requested item and one I know will get a lot of use.  I think so far the one “this it perfect” gift would have to be the shirt I found online for my daughter.  She has a small frog collection and I found a Crazy Frog Lady shirt for her at Cafe Press.

So the hunt will continue tomorrow.  If I can just get done in another week then I can sit back and relax a little instead of that last minute rush I am stuck in too many years.  How are you doing on your Christmas shopping?

2 thoughts on “Day 84 – 100 Days of Happiness”

  1. I have to watch my pennies too, and you are right it does put a damper on shopping 😞 So I foolishly avoid it, and then at the last minute, use my Amazon prime in a frenzy, hoping everything will arrive on time, and if it doesn’t, I write a story for the missing gift, and give it as a place holder until the gift arrives. Hum….now that I think about it, writing the fictional story of how the gift was waylaid, just might be my favorite part of gift giving 😉

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