12 Days of Christmas – Nature

I am undertaking a new challenge of sorts.  It is leading up to Christmas with the 12 days beforehand with some of the things that make Christmas what is so magical for me.  I will try to match a photograph with each as I go. I hope you enjoy some of these same things no matter what holiday customs you celebrate.

How can you go through Christmas without thinking of nature?  After all a lot of people decide to make a tree a focal point in their houses this time of year.  Wreaths and pine garlands add a fresh scent of pine to homes.  And every office I walk into has at least one poinsettia plant.  Who can say they have not tried to capture a little mistletoe kiss?


So many people will do things like sledding, snowmen building and yes, even shoveling snow… I have spent my life in Iowa so I don’t really know what is the norm for a green Christmas in a warm climate.

I hope in this last week and a half or so until Christmas you take a minute to see the moon’s glow (we just had another super moon), watch for a shooting star, soak up the warmth that the sun offers and even admire natures beauty of snow or rain from the warmth and comfort of your home.  Admire that tree, not just the lights and ornaments.  Breathe in the scent of pine, even if it is only from an air freshener scent.  Nature is a part of my 12 days of Christmas… how about yours?

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