12 Days of Christmas – Music


I love music so it stands to reason that Christmas music is a big part of my holiday.  When decorations go up, making cookies and candies, making Christmas cards, or just because … I love to listen to a wide variety of Christmas music.  As you may be able to tell from the picture I also like a few of the novelty variety songs (although I steer far away from Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer… too over played in my opinion).

It is not a complete Christmas with out a few favorites.  I have to hear the duet by Bing Crosby and David Bowie of “The Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth” every year at least once.  The Dr Demento CD has to be played in its entirety.  “Silver Bells” was my Mom’s favorite carol and I listen to it so she is still “here” at Christmas time with me.

If have extra money after gift shopping and buying food for Christmas dinner I try to find one new Christmas themed CD.  I listen to a Pandora Christmas station, have the TV on the seasonal music station to catch a variety of old and new hits.  And there is a local radio station that goes to 24 hour Christmas music.

I am currently listening to my cable station sounds of the season channel… Louis Armstrong’s “Zat You Santa Claus” and I have to smile. Music can bring forth so many emotions and memories it is hard to imagine any time of year without it. Do you have any favorite carols or performers you like to listen to at this time of year?

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