12 Days of Christmas – Family

Family is a big part of Christmas for me.  I can remember back to when I was a child and we would drive the three-hour trip to my grandparents place to spend the holiday with them.  Later we would postpone the Christmas trip and go over afterwards but still there was always aunts and uncles, cousins and everyone around.  I remember eating in the basement with a huge table that we could use to fit all of us around… it had to be close to 20 people gathered.

Then as we got older it was the immediate family Christmas on Christmas morning and the later trip to Gma and Gpa’s.  Marriage, children and divorce all changed how and when we celebrated.  But no matter when it happened it was always with family around us.

This year I will go to my boyfriends family to celebrate early Christmas and then come back home for an immediate family celebration.  And the following week with my side of the family.  It does not matter where or when you celebrate, as long as you are celebrating with family it makes the holiday even better.

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