Day 89 – 100 Days of Happiness

Hard to believe today is only 2 weeks until Christmas.  Growing up we would start to decorate after Thanksgiving.  We had a big 7 or 8 ft artificial tree that would take us days to decorate.  The lights and ornaments were easy… it was the individual placement of the tinsel one strand at a time draped on one side of the branch all the way around to the other side.  I recall as kids me and my sister would get bored with decorating and Dad would end up doing a majority of it.  I am still not sure how Mom got out of doing much decorating.

Later on when I got married there was a new tradition to follow.  Since my then husband had his birthday on the 11th it was always his family’s way of making his birthday special by putting the tree up and decorating it that day.  We followed that for many years.  Now it is whenever my boyfriend has the day off.  Last year it was hard to get a time to get everyone together.  This year we have the tree up and lights on only waiting on the decorating until my daughter can get here to help.

Once the tree gets up I get a lot more into the spirit.  I now have Christmas music playing while I write this and the lights on the tree flash.  I have decided what to do with my Christmas card and hope to have most of them out by the end of the week.  I like the put letters or at least short notes in most of them.  Nothing better than getting a little good news in a letter instead of another bill showing up in the mail.

So tonight I sit in the wonder of the Christmas spirit… I love this time of year.  Not real wild about the crowds shopping, but the pretty decorations, the giving, the family together, the kids joy… it really is a magical time of year.  Do you have your tree up yet and does it take long to decorate it?


Today would have been the year my ex-husband would start to get those senior discounts at 55.  He left us far too early at only 52.  Every day I hurt for my daughter still who so deeply loved her dad.  I know he was very proud of her and I have to believe his is looking down on her and smiling everyday.  Today I tried to write a little something for my daughter to let her know he was and I feel still is so very proud of her and the woman she has become.

Today is like the last one

And the one before

There really isn’t a time

That you miss him more


But know this one thing

Even though he is gone

He was so proud of you

Each and every dawn


You have become a woman

Your father would have loved

And he still does to this day

Just sent from heaven above


for the daily prompt missing

Day 88 – 100 Days of Happiness

I almost overslept and missed it… oops!  I have mentioned before I am not much of a morning person.  I woke up when my boyfriend got up this morning to go to work, but I fell back asleep.  I woke up at about 10am and found a message on my phone.  The two friends I was going to meet for lunch at noon wanted to get together earlier if possible because of the snow coming in.  I got ready in less that an hour and slid through the streets to get there in time.  I was only about 15 min late… a norm for me.  LOL

But it was so nice once I got there.  I worked with both of these ladies for many years and don’t get to see them often enough.  One of them was treating all of us to lunch for Christmas.  She is such a sweetie … they both are.  I would be lost without friends to unwind with on occasion.  We talked, laughed, ate too much and drank way too much coffee but it was still fun.  And the bonus… the snow had stopped by the time we were finally done catching up!

Day 87 – 100 Days of Happiness

Today was a much-needed day of rest.  I have been on the go most of the week for appointments, errands and extra trips out-of-town.  But today I had no appointments.  I didn’t need to take my Dad to any appointments.  My sister helped me out this evening by taking Dad some dinner so I did not have to go over and fix him something.  I walked past the laundry hamper and did not touch the washer or dryer.  My boyfriend picked us up pizza for dinner so no cooking and no dishes thanks to paper plates.  I got caught up on my email and even took the time to read a little bit.  It was a nice day.

Day 86 – 100 Days of Happiness

Today was not one of my better days.  I had to take my Dad to an appointment, then drive out-of-town to one appointment, come back into town to a second appointment.  Only problem after I drove over an hour to get to my appointment… I discovered I had written it into my calendar wrong and it is not until next week.  I could look at the day as a waste of time driving all the way there or I can find some happiness in it.  And there was some happiness because I had to drive by where my daughter works so I stopped for a coffee and visited with her when she got off of work.  So my not so great day did have a bright spot still.  And I get to do it all over again next week!

Treasures of Friendship

Feeling pretty emotional tonight so I am writing sappy.  I am never really thrilled the way “happy” poems turn out… they remind me of a Hallmark card, but I guess that is not all bad.  Anyway, here goes…

Distance may grow

And time may pass

But if ever you need

Don’t hesitate to ask

You’re a treasure

Beyond compare

And I’m someone

Who will always care

So remember this

As I send you my love

You for me are heaven sent

Truly a gift from above

Day 85 – 100 Days of Happiness

It finally happened… my daughter had a day when she didn’t have to go into work until late and she had no other plans.  We were able to sit and relax and have coffee and lunch at a leisurely pace today.  She filled me in on all the latest happenings at work.  I enjoyed her company and stories.  With not being able to work it is good to still hear about some of the day-to-day happenings.  And I have met most of the people she works with and they are a good bunch of kids.  It probably wont be until next year now when we get to do lunch again… she has 3 different Christmas parties to go to, work and a social life.  Ah to be young again and full of energy!  🙂

Day 84 – 100 Days of Happiness

I have a love hate relationship with shopping.  I really do love to shop for others, but I really hate having to watch my pennies.  I can look for just the right gift for someone and enjoy “the hunt” but if I find that extra something for them, it kills me to have to walk away from it because of lack of funds.  That being said, today’s happiness puts me closer to being done with Christmas shopping.  It was a requested item and one I know will get a lot of use.  I think so far the one “this it perfect” gift would have to be the shirt I found online for my daughter.  She has a small frog collection and I found a Crazy Frog Lady shirt for her at Cafe Press.

So the hunt will continue tomorrow.  If I can just get done in another week then I can sit back and relax a little instead of that last minute rush I am stuck in too many years.  How are you doing on your Christmas shopping?

Day 83 – 100 Days of Happiness

I have sat here watching the cursor blink off and on for far too long with no clear direction in mind.  There are a lot of little moments of happiness but not any one thing that stands out better than the rest.

  • I took my car to the repair shop to get my door replaced… got a nice little Camry to drive until it is fixed.
  • The snow that fell yesterday all melted away today.
  • I got a book in on hold at the library I have been looking forward to reading
  • I made it to an Al-anon meeting and saw some people I haven’t seen for a while
  • I got a text from a friend I hadn’t heard from in a while
  • Finally made plans with my daughter to get together for lunch this week

All good things, but not one that stands out.  I could even add the adorable smile from a cute little girl at the library who was waiting with her mom when I walked in.  Happiness some days is all around us in small but wonderful doses.