Happy and Grateful – Day 28

I have undertaken a challenge this year.  I am trying to find the good in every day by writing about happiness and gratitude that I feel.  No matter how small there is always something to bring a smile or make you grateful, if just for a moment.  Follow along with me as I dig deep as necessary and find the peace of the day.  Join in if you are feeling happy and grateful too – in the comments or on your own blog.  Let’s find some fun!

I woke up today in a full fibromyalgia flare.  I was just out of 7 hours of sleep and I felt like I had been awake for three days straight.  Add in the head to toe pain and body aches… it was not looking to be a great day.

I did what I had to do to take care of me.  I took a couple of naps today and dug out my pain pills… I hate to take them very often because I don’t want them to lose their effectiveness.  I used my heating pad and put off the laundry one day.  I am hoping to get to sleep earlier tonight and with any luck the fatigue wont be as bad tomorrow.  It doesn’t always work that way though.  If it is still bad I will nap some more and adjust what I need to.

I am happy I have some things that can help ease the pain when I am hurting, I have the freedom to nap when the fatigue is bad and chance to rearrange things I don’t have the energy to do.  I am grateful there is always a chance tomorrow will be better… that is a hope I have to hang onto.

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