Happy and Grateful – Day 42

This is February and I am well on my way to attaining a goal I set for myself.  I am trying to post every day with happiness and gratitude that I have encountered that day.  There is always something no matter how small it may seem that we can be grateful for and even just a shared smile can make you happy if only for a moment.  Please try to find those moments for yourself too…  if you’re up to it I would love if you would share them too in the comments or your own blog.  Being aware can really turn a day around!

I was sitting at my craft desk today when the phone rang… it was my best friend.  It has been almost two weeks since we had last talked for any length of time and it was so good to hear his voice.  I guess the we talked is not so much true as he talked and I listened… I could listen to him talk all day.  He talked about lots of things and I felt helpless to solve some of the problems he has been having… I am a fixer and not having “the answers” drives me crazy sometimes.  But it was a nice Saturday afternoon chat.  Now with any luck I will be able to talk to him again this coming Wednesday too as it will be his birthday.

I was happy to be able to talk to him today.  And as always grateful he took some time in his busy schedule to give me a call.  Now I have Wednesday to look forward to.

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