Happy and Grateful – Day 44

This is February and I am well on my way to attaining a goal I set for myself.  I am trying to post every day with happiness and gratitude that I have encountered that day.  There is always something no matter how small it may seem that we can be grateful for and even just a shared smile can make you happy if only for a moment.  Please try to find those moments for yourself too…  if you’re up to it I would love if you would share them too in the comments or your own blog.  Being aware can really turn a day around!

I have struggled today.  I feel I hurt someone unintentionally, my boyfriend has been really distant and I forgot my morning meds again.  Not a great day.  And by tonight I am really feeling the effects of it all.  I keep fighting tears, even though I know I should just let them fall… maybe after I get all my emotions out one way or another.  Right now we work on happy.

So on days like this it is really important to find the good, the happy moments.  I had that moment when I was taking my Dad to the clinic for a blood draw.  Walking to the lab I have to go past pediatrics and this little boy, couldn’t have been more than 18 months, 2 years at most… he stopped right next to me, looked up puzzled and then gave me back the biggest grin when I smiled at him.  That was a moment of true happiness.  I am grateful for simple pleasures like that today and everyday.  There is something about a child’s smile, most of the time it is so honest and precious.  I hope someone smiled at you today and made your day better too!  🙂

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