Happy and Grateful – Day 76 & 77

As March begins I continue with my goal to find happiness and gratitude every day.  There is at least some small thing that can bring a smile and give you a moment to be grateful for.  Please join me in looking for the good moments of the day … it would be great if you would share them in the comments or on your own blog.  Be aware of the little wonders of the day!

Sorry I did not post last night, my daughter was over for the night.  Just jumping right into things… my daughter finally had the time off from work with no plans and was able to come and visit.  We played some video games last night and shared in conversation.  Then today was doing her laundry and watching the soap opera off of the DVR.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep as we were up very late, but to spend time with her it was worth it.

As usual spending time with my daughter made me happy.  The video games, soap and conversation is just extra.  I am grateful that she was able to spend time with me.  Now I need to catch up on reading, posting and SLEEP.

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