Happy and Grateful – Day 81

As March begins I continue with my goal to find happiness and gratitude every day.  There is at least some small thing that can bring a smile and give you a moment to be grateful for.  Please join me in looking for the good moments of the day … it would be great if you would share them in the comments or on your own blog.  Be aware of the little wonders of the day!

Just 15 minutes of peace… that is all it took to give me a little relief from my anxiety, a taste of nature and an escape in a book.  Today was above freezing but just barely and there was a very cool breeze blowing, but I still took advantage of a free 15 minutes between appointments to pull into the parking lot at the park.  I cracked my window a bit to hear the birds better and had brought my current book with me.  I stayed there until just right before my next appointment and it was very relaxing.

I was happy to have even a short window of time to listen to the birds singing while I read today.  Grateful I was clear-headed enough to follow along with a book.  Take the time no matter how small of an amount of time it is, it may just be the boost you need for the day.

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