I Surrender

My muse will have no part of it… she refuses.  This should be where I write a nice little poem for the word prompt of the day, but I am drawing more than a blank screen.  Actually it has not been a great day for me here on WordPress.

I must apologize to those blogs I liked today and did not comment like I normally would.  There is not a single post today that has shown comments or the ability to add one.  I am not sure if it is a problem with my account or a site wide issue.  I just know there were some great posts I read today I wish I could have commented on.  So if you got a like today know that kind words went along with it!

I hope to be able to comment again starting tomorrow.  I also hope my muse returns with some words of inspiration … actually I would just settle for a better word prompt!  Here is the best I can do today…

the word is too much

for my muse to take today

so I will decline


8 thoughts on “I Surrender”

  1. If you want your muse to come back … try cookies and milk. Muses love cookies and milk. And if not well … you could always eat them. It might help with the creativity, right?

  2. Someone mentioned they could not find it on my page either so they commented on an older post. Guess it might have been just a problem on wordpress. I did not even realize. Hope it doesn’t keep on…

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