Happy and Grateful – Day 100

We have reached the month of April and I am still on course to post daily with my happiness and gratitude I have found.  Please join in if you feel like doing this too by sharing in the comments or on your own blog.  There is so much to be happy and grateful for.

Last year when I did this challenge it was only for 100 days.  This year I am still less than a third of the way through the whole year.  Some days are easier than others.  Today was kind of a rough one.

I have had a sore throat for a couple of days now, added a killer headache to it tonight and my usual aches and pains… I felt pretty lousy most of the day.  I did find enough energy to get one load of laundry done at least.  So I do feel I accomplished something in spite of my pain.  I did spend some time working on some old poems too.  A little editing is never a bad thing.

So my happiness came from playing with words yet again.  I can immerse myself in a different place, frame of mind or basic mood sometimes with writing.  I was happy to have the time to write.  And I was grateful for the energy to get the laundry partially done… still have two loads to wash.  Now it is time to relax and read a little before my night-time meds make the words blur.   Good night!

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