Use Caution – Words Ahead

I blindly followed your words

Believing what you said

I was for once special and wanted

But they were only words for you

When to me they changed my world

Exposed me to new ideas

And had me believing in myself…


Now that you opened my eyes

Admitting to me the truth

I have to wonder

Would I have been better off

If I still blindly believed?

10 thoughts on “Use Caution – Words Ahead”

  1. Well, I think that blind belief can change the reality. We are in general too easly influanced by circumstances, we change as the weather changes and we forget how powerful we are. In the end this what you belief you become so:
    what if he was telling the truth initially but your hidden disbelief in yourself provoked the change in him ? 😁
    I’m just trying to let you see things from another perspective 🙂

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