Take a deep breath

Focus in on one object

Breathe even

In and out…

Be still

In and out…

Stay focused

In and out…

Become part of the object –

A person in a painting

A statue frozen in time

A cloud in the sky.

In and out…

You now have control

Anxiety will not win

In and out…

You are the master of your heartbeat

You can control your lungs

In and out…

Slowly back to reality

Your eyes on all the world around

In and out…

Remember your mantra

“Breathe in,

Breathe out,


3 thoughts on “B.I.B.O.S.”

  1. Hopefully it won’t have to be so regimented and sometime you can do all these things without having to think about it. Especially… the smile. Your words make me feel the unease.

    1. Anxiety and panic attacks are no fun… it is getting a little “easier” to wait them out knowing I have made it through them before.

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