Happy and Grateful – Day 125

May has arrived and I hope it brings lots of Spring cheer with it.  I am in my fifth month now of taking time to acknowledge the things that make me happy and grateful every day… almost half way to my goal of a full year.  If you want to join in on this challenge please add your thoughts in the comments or start your own blog.  There is a lot to be happy and grateful for!

Another day with the windows open and the birds singing… life is pretty good most of the time.  I have to remind myself of that from time to time.  I guess that is a good part of why I am working on this challenge.

Today should be a great day… my boyfriend starts his vacation.  But I see it as possibly more days he is watching videos ignoring me… or days he want to go out-of-town and throw me into situations that will test my anxiety levels.  But he was in a good mood for most of the night and we had a guest for dinner – my daughter came over for tacos.

I sit now in the quiet of the night still fighting a cough from the cold I had a week ago and look back on the day.  I am happy my boyfriend can have some time off and hopefully unwind a little.  I am grateful my daughter was able to come over and visit with me tonight.  It was a good day.  🙂

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