Happy and Grateful – Day 129

May has arrived and I hope it brings lots of Spring cheer with it.  I am in my fifth month now of taking time to acknowledge the things that make me happy and grateful every day… almost half way to my goal of a full year.  If you want to join in on this challenge please add your thoughts in the comments or start your own blog.  There is a lot to be happy and grateful for!

I have survived today without too much trouble brought on from yesterday.  I (as usual) was stiff and sore this morning, but it wasn’t really a lot more than normal… as the day went on the aches grew a little but nothing I needed to break out the pain pills for thankfully.

My daughter was over for a while today.  She needed to change both her brake light and headlight in her car and my boyfriend helped her.  I am glad he is willing to help her out, they seem to get along pretty well.

I am really tired tonight so I will keep this short.  I am always happy to see my daughter and I am so grateful today was not a big payback day for yesterday.  Now rain is moving in tomorrow and that usually brings more pain with it… here’s hoping tomorrow is not too bad.

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