Happy and Grateful – Days 138 and 139

May has arrived and I hope it brings lots of Spring cheer with it.  I am in my fifth month now of taking time to acknowledge the things that make me happy and grateful every day… almost half way to my goal of a full year.  If you want to join in on this challenge please add your thoughts in the comments or start your own blog.  There is a lot to be happy and grateful for!

Have I mentioned before how I hate fatigue and fibro?  It hit me last night and has stuck with me all day.  I ache and an exhausted even though I have napped multiple times today.  We had a cold front move in and with it a bone chilling mist and wind… feels more like fall than spring.  So once again I find myself posting two days together and asking for forgiveness.  If I could have it any other way I would!

Yesterday I had to take my Dad into the doctor.  One of his x-rays came back with indications of maybe an enlarged heart.  So back to the cardiologist.  He was not convinced of the fact, but gave Dad a prescription to try to ease his shortness of breath.  It is very frustrating for him having had this problem for quite a while now and getting shuffled from one doctor to the next never getting anywhere with a reason.

But we got the appointment done and I ran a quick errand and then came home to nap a bit.  I took an anxiety pill and made it to the nights Al-anon meeting to try to grab a little peace of mind.  So I was happy to work the meeting into my night and grateful there were no major problems according to the doctor.

Today has been such a tired day.  The only thing I accomplished was loading the dishwasher and taking a check in for the electric bill.  I then went to the garage to see if they could fix my car, since the check engine light was on.  They hooked it up and reset things for me saying it may only be a little dust around the air filter.  Surprisingly enough there was no charge for that and I went on my way.  Time will tell now if it worked or not.

In spite of the fibro I still found some joy.  I was happy not to have to have any repairs done today.  And grateful I had the time to rest through my flair.  I hope tomorrow finds a little less pain and fatigue as my daughter has plans to take me somewhere for the afternoon, but it is a surprise where.  …now it is time to sleep again!  Yawn!

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