Happy and Grateful – Day 120

We have reached the month of April and I am still on course to post daily with my happiness and gratitude I have found.  Please join in if you feel like doing this too by sharing in the comments or on your own blog.  There is so much to be happy and grateful for.

Another day of rain… cold rain.  There are puddles all over.  We had to go to the store and got pretty wet just walking in.  But no worries… I am not so sweet I will melt LOL.

Once again I am posting late…played cards last night one more time before my friend gets ready to return to Georgia.  We laughed and trash talked each other and it was a very close game ending with only 20 points separating first and (tied) second place.  I am glad the three of us had a good night before sending my friend off on her way home.

I was happy to share the laughter with a dear friend.  I am so grateful for the time we had to spend with her these last two weekends.

Afghans Stitched In Winter

Every winter I can remember

She used to crochet.

She would sit

With the afghan

Draped over her legs,

While she stitched away

Using the partial blanket

To keep her legs warm

In the harsh winter time,

When the drafts blew

Across the living room floor.

Pulling the yarn

From a skein beside her

I would watch

Her fingers fly

With each stitch,

In awe of how

Fast and even

Each stitch would be.

She put love into each blanket,

Stitching from heart to hand

Every winter I can remember.