Happy and Grateful – Day 156 and 157

June brings warmer weather and the start of summer.  Hopefully it brings many ideas from my muse too.  I continue to write for my challenge to find the things that make me happy and grateful each day this year.  Please feel free to join me in this challenge with comments about your happiness and gratitude or start your own blog.  There is always something good to find in each day.

Here I go again with a double post.  I guess I should be glad it is not a triple post…my mind is in a rough spot and I am really “forcing” myself to do this.  I have to find some happiness in something!

Yesterday was a trip out-of-town to get my boyfriends new license plate tags and while we were there we hit the local hidden gem, a little summer time dinner.  Ordered loose meat sandwiches and a malt… yummy.  Not on the diet, and certainly not good for me, but sometimes you just have to do it!  We try to get there at least once a year to support the small town business.  It definitely made me happy.

I received some bad news I would rather not go into right now… but my boyfriend could tell I was pretty upset about it and didn’t push the issue.  I am grateful to have the time to deal with it in my own way.

Today was alright.  Still pretty warm out so no birds at the window only the air conditioner’s hum.  I did get to have some wonderful company for a little while today.  My daughter and I got some coffee and visited a bit.  We then left the coffee shop and went to the local library for some books and DVDs.  It always makes me happy to see her.

The afternoon and evening I reached out.  My boyfriend was at work and then home taking a nap so I tried to find some friends to talk to.  I was somewhat successful.  I have one person yet that was going to call me back tonight, if he remembers.  I am grateful to have friends who support me.

Now I can’t promise I won’t do this again, but I will try to keep my posts to once a day like they are supposed to be.  Thanks for your understanding!  (((HUGS)))

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