Happy and Grateful – Day 167

June brings warmer weather and the start of summer.  Hopefully it brings many ideas from my muse too.  I continue to write for my challenge to find the things that make me happy and grateful each day this year.  Please feel free to join me in this challenge with comments about your happiness and gratitude or start your own blog.  There is always something good to find in each day.

It was a long day today.  I had my phone call with the new lawyer and I think we are back on track with my disability claim.  I have so many numbers and procedures floating around in my head it is a bit overwhelming.  But he is sending me paperwork to look over, it may make more sense in black and white.  I am happy he thinks we can progress further.

Then this afternoon my boyfriend called saying he needed a ride home from work, his car battery was dead.  For some reason the lights were on even though they were switched off… sounds like an expensive wiring issue.  So we managed to get the car charged and home.  Now we will see about repairs.

The anxiety and stress of the day has left me tired and hurting.  So it is another night of muscle relaxers and pain meds.  I have had to rely more on my meds and I really hate it, but in the same moment I am grateful that I have them when I need them.  But they do make me tired… so it is time to close the laptop.  Be grateful! 🙂

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