Happy and Grateful – Day 172

June brings warmer weather and the start of summer.  Hopefully it brings many ideas from my muse too.  I continue to write for my challenge to find the things that make me happy and grateful each day this year.  Please feel free to join me in this challenge with comments about your happiness and gratitude or start your own blog.  There is always something good to find in each day.

Anxiety has been my shadow today.  I have done what I can to try not to worry, but I keep stressing about my drive to the city tomorrow and both the rehearsal dinner and wedding this weekend.  A room of strangers and a handful of people I know a little… plus in clothes I am not comfortable in, I am not looking forward to it.

But I forged through the day and came out with my sanity still as intact as it can be this late in life.  My Dad’s doctor appointment got cancelled, and I forgot about a meeting my boyfriend had tonight.  So I spent most of the day on my own.  Besides getting lonely and feeling the blues I did ok.  I am grateful for technology to keep me entertained today with some games and a space to write.  And I was happy I was not completely alone as my cat slept with me a good portion of the day, tucked in right next to my laptop.

Now my night-time dose of anxiety meds and some sleep before my drive tomorrow.  If only there was a local doctor who would take my case… but it does no good to dream about it.  Thanks for stopping by and remember to find your happiness!

2 thoughts on “Happy and Grateful – Day 172”

  1. I hope it all goes well. I am an ambivert (part extrovert, part introvert) but I always hate the thought of going to things with a big group of people I don’t know. It’s always worse if I’m not comfortable with what I’m wearing. Do you have Kalms where you are? Something you can take with natural herbs to help you relax. I usually drink wine on those occasions! Most of the time though, those things turn out much better than anticipated and I hope that’s what happens for you.

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