Happy and Grateful – Day 187

July brings fireworks, picnics, pools and air conditioning. It is a time for those of us in the USA to celebrate our “birthday” and a personal time for me to celebrate life. It is hot and humid days and thunderstorms cooked up at night. I am continuing my challenge to find happiness and gratitude in every day. Join along in the comments or on your own blog. There is always good in every day.

It was another hot and humid day.  And a day of pain and fatigue.  I took two (almost three) naps, but thankfully woke up in time to both make my doctor’s appointment and pick up my boyfriend from work.  Now I hope I can sleep tonight.

Today was about quiet moments.  I was happy to be able to take a little time to read some this afternoon.  Then after dinner I was able to unwind a little more while watching a movie with my boyfriend.

This afternoon I did get to use a coupon for Great Clips and get my hair cut.  I have had long hair for a while now and with this summer heat it was time to go shorter.  I was grateful to have the extra savings to be able to afford a cut.  Now the tricky part is to try to style it close to the same tomorrow… it never looks like what the stylist did though.  Oh well.

My pillow is calling my name.  Remember to be grateful!  Good night.

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