Happy and Grateful – Day 206

July brings fireworks, picnics, pools and air conditioning.  It is a time for those of us in the USA to celebrate our “birthday” and a personal time for me to celebrate life.  It is hot and humid days and thunderstorms cooked up at night.  I am continuing my challenge to find happiness and gratitude in every day.  Join along in the comments or on your own blog.  There is always good in every day.

The forecast was wrong.  It got warmer than they said and more humid again too.  I swear that is the only job where you can be wrong a good percentage of the time and still keep your job.  But I survived it and am so ready for the rain that is supposed to come tomorrow.

A strange day where I got very little sleep between phone calls and people knocking on my door… oh well, maybe I will sleep better tonight.  I did take about a half an hour this morning to finish the book I just couldn’t stay up and finish last night.  I was grateful my daughter recommended it to me.

Just a little bit ago I got an email from a friend of mine.  It is always good when I hear back from my friends, it makes me happy.  She had good news too about some financial matters that had concerned her.  It turned around enough she was even able to get the used car she was looking at upgrading to.  That news made me very happy.

I need to try to make up some sleep hours now… I know it doesn’t really work that way but I will be happy if I can get a full 5 hours before I have to get up to take my boyfriend to work.  I can always go back to sleep for a little more rest as long as the phone is quiet and nobody stops by.  May you have a wonderful night/day!  Keep looking for happiness!

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