Happy and Grateful – Day 279

The month of October is upon us.  Fall is in full swing with the leaves gathering on the lawn… maybe a pile or two to run through even.  The evenings are getting dark earlier as the days grow shorter.  And a few of us look forward to a good scare with Halloween coming this month.  Everyday has at least some small portion of good in it.  I am looking for that good with this challenge to find my happiness and gratitude every day.  Join in with the challenge by commenting or writing your own blog… let’s find some goodness today.

It was a grey gloomy rainy day.  I am aching with the cooler temperatures.  But we have needed the rain for so long.  I did go out in the rain to meet my daughter for lunch and go to the post office and then get Dad his dinner.  I was grateful I didn’t have to drive through the heaviest of the rain.  This system is supposed to give us quite a bit of rain.  Maybe the grass can green back up before it gets hit by the first frost.

I have had a pretty quiet night.  My boyfriend and I watched a couple of things off our DVR.  Now he is sleeping and I am alone watching a movie I have seem many times before, Overboard.  This is the time of night I really dread.  Being alone and “isolated” especially when I may be tired, the depression flourishes.  So I write.

Tonight I wrote a little to my doctor and think I will start a letter to a friend.  The words help keep me somewhat grounded.  I feel a little less alone.  I feel a little less worthless.  So I keep clicking at the keyboard to mask the emptiness.  I am happy I have the words to get me through.  And I know there are some of you out there who read and relate and that makes it worth it.

I will stop for the night.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a good night/day.

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