Happy and Grateful – Day 280

The month of October is upon us.  Fall is in full swing with the leaves gathering on the lawn… maybe a pile or two to run through even.  The evenings are getting dark earlier as the days grow shorter.  And a few of us look forward to a good scare with Halloween coming this month.  Everyday has at least some small portion of good in it.  I am looking for that good with this challenge to find my happiness and gratitude every day.  Join in with the challenge by commenting or writing your own blog… let’s find some goodness today.

Today has been a quiet day.  We had rain until late afternoon.  Then it cleared off to be a beautiful evening with cooler temperatures.  If only the grey clouds in my mind would pass now.  I have been feeling pretty alone today and I’ve not had any luck at messaging friends, so that makes me feel worse.  Just chalk it up as a bad day.  The doctor is working with me on an acceptance therapy workbook.  I am holding out positive hope for it.  So tired of all the negatives in my life.

I would have to say I am grateful for my photography today.  I was able to do a little photo editing to get ready for Monochrome Monday and seeing the flowers and outdoor shots made me feel a bit closer to nature.

The happy moment would have to be watching my favorite sports team win their football game today.  It was a good win, a great win on the road and the end of a losing streak.  So I was happy to see that this afternoon.

It is that time of night when my meds take hold and make me tired enough for sleep.  So I shall post this before my eyes close.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a good day/night.

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