Happy and Grateful – Day 291

The month of October is upon us.  Fall is in full swing with the leaves gathering on the lawn… maybe a pile or two to run through even.  The evenings are getting dark earlier as the days grow shorter.  And a few of us look forward to a good scare with Halloween coming this month.  Everyday has at least some small portion of good in it.  I am looking for that good with this challenge to find my happiness and gratitude every day.  Join in with the challenge by commenting or writing your own blog… let’s find some goodness today.

The month of October now runs in two sections for me.  The first 2/3 is anticipation for my birthday.  That happened yesterday and it was a wonderful day.  But for the last 7 years the last third of the month is harder to get through.  I feel the let down that there was one person not there to share in my birthday… my mom.  Add to that the fact that my mom’s birthday was the 30th of October and there is more to miss.  Plus she would just love to see the kids in their costumes for Halloween.  So my mood has dropped today.  I also had a couple of silly disappointments where I just expected too much and was let down… it is not a very good day for me.

I did take some happiness getting to try out my new embossing tool I got from my Dad.  I didn’t make a full card, but have parts ready for one.  Now to decide who I need to send a card and letter to next.

My gratitude for the day comes from a friend who texted me.  She is new to the smart phone technology so me and another friend were showing her emojis that she could use.  It was good to chat with her tonight and imagining her laughing at the messages.

I need to close up the patio door and turn out the light.  There is no reason to stay awake with my thoughts any longer.  Maybe sleep will come swiftly tonight.  Thankfully I see my therapist in the morning.  Remember to find your happiness and feel your gratitude.  Have a good night/day!

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