I realize this is a little late, but happy New Year to you all!  I took a couple of days off – I was sick on New Years night and wiped out the next day because of it.  So now I am trying to catch up on reading and I am still trying to wrap my brain around what to do.

I have contemplated Wordy Wednesdays, Talkative Tuesdays/Thursdays, Shorthand Saturdays/Sundays, and even Monologue Mondays… none of them seemed to fit right.  I don’t want to be chained down to a particular day.  Almost all the time I was growing up and was terribly shy I would be told to speak up and stop mumbling, so I think Mumbles is a good fit.

Don’t ask me where I am headed with Mumbles, I am not entirely sure yet.  I like to think of it as a conversation between friends.  Who knows where my mind may wander to, but I honestly hope you will continue to join me in this written journey.

I do plan to still do the daily word prompts this year, but will try occasionally to branch out from only poetry posts.  There were a couple of words that really threw me on poetic standings, but I can always find ways to write around a topic (I think).  So that will be a challenge to try some flash fiction, limit word writing and maybe even structured poetry besides haikus and limericks.

Forgive me tonight as I fill your readers or inboxes with posts trying to catch up to date on daily posts.  One other thing I want to ask of you… please share with me what you like and don’t like about my mumbles.  I welcome comments!

So I will try to speak up a little but listen closely because this year will be my year to mumble…


7 thoughts on “Mumbles…”

  1. Happy New year to you Leigha!! Glad to know that you are fine now. I always lived reading your posts and took part in the prompt challenge too but was not regular with it as I started my own blog few months back .Hope to read more of your wonderful writing this year.

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