Mumbles… Viable

I never had to worry about whether or not my daughter was viable, she went to full term pregnancy.  I don’t think there could be a worse terror than having to give birth early with only the term viable being used to describe your child’s chances.

I worked for a while with a business that helped Children’s Miracle Network.  They work with a network of hospitals to help all children with injury or illness.  I had the fortune of touring my local CMN hospital and saw the things they did for everyone from preemies (they need special sized medical equipment and tools) to teenagers using video games to distract them from their treatments.  And we were there just after the completion of an all-inclusive playground on the grounds.  It was very eye-opening.

Each one of us has reasons to be thankful… my daughter is a HUGE part of that for me.  I have seen what could have been through others struggles and my heart breaks for them.  If only I could have that magic wand I have looked for all my life… then there would be no need to worry if a baby was viable or not.

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