Plans For Destruction

He had the perfect strategy
He would make her his
He would be the perfect gentleman
And lure her in
Into his web of lies
Promising her the moon
Which was certainly not his to give
Star struck she would drink it all in
She was in awe of him
If only for a moment
His conscience should actually kick in
He would know she’s just a delicate flower
That can only bloom once
And the one night stand he planned
Could ruin her for life
If only he would just think twice…

Dawn’s Early Light


We sat in the truck next to each other talking about everything.  Our favorites, what we dreamed, our dislikes, what we had… it went on and on for hours.  Then as the first birds of the day began to signal the coming sunlight with song we were amazed that the time had passed.  Telling him I would see him later that night we just stared at the horizon watching the sun create the day’s first shadows.  Then with one last kiss goodbye I slid off of the seat and stepped into the grass, covered in morning dew.


Slowly walking to the door I heard him start the truck and pull out of the driveway.  I did all I could to keep from looking back and waving goodbye.  I removed my keys from my purse and heard a squirrel chatter at a bird in the tree as I opened the door.


The night is forever in my memory as an example of time truly lost in what seemed like seconds.  When you are with the right person at the right time, time more than stands still.  It runs backwards and takes your breath away.


Mumbles… blink

I’ll admit it … by definition from when I was growing up I am a nerd.  I like science fiction and fantasy.  Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who have all worked their way into my blood stream.  Now I can’t say I have seen every episode, but I find it very hard to pass by a channel they are playing on when they are on TV.  That is why the word prompt “blink” could only lead me to one thought – “Don’t Blink!”  It was a Doctor Who episode where I was first introduced to the weeping angels – an alien in the form of a statue that moves when you don’t look at it.  Really quite a creepy episode.  They have made it back a couple of times since then and are one of my favorite enemies of the Doctor.

I have to blame my Dad for my love of science fiction.  I remember watching Star Trek growing up and of course we went to see the Star Wars movies when they came out.  I dabble in other shows too – Quantum Leap, Serenity, Dark Matter to name a few.  Read a few Robert Heinlein and Piers Anthony (love his Xanth novels, the puns are amazing!) novels as well.

Of course the big questions are Star Trek vs Star Wars and until recently I felt it was hard to compare them, but with the newer Star Trek Movies…I would have to pick Star Trek.  Favorite captain is Picard and Janeway.  And my favorite Doctor is David Tennant… with a huge nod to Capt Jack Harkness (played by John Barrowman) during his time as the Doctor.  Those two interacted so well together!

I even collected the Star Trek the Next Generation trading cards many years ago when they came out… I have nearly a full set of inverted back cards too – Oops.  Many of the shows on DVD.  And one of these years I will make it to a con I hope!

Are you a fan of science fiction?  Any favorites you want to share?  I am off now to boldly go… do some laundry LOL!

A Friend Indeed

Your words become lost in my ears

It’s a soothing sound that drowns the pain

I focus on your eyes to read their sincerity

study your hands as they aid in your message

It all adds up to make me feel more at ease

It is not what you are saying as much as how

With emotion hidden behind the words

Implied love and support showing through

Your friendship means the world to me

I’d be lost without your encouragement

Make Believe

She wanted to give him the world

He began to entertain the thought


He played along with the game

Believing it would never happen

Then when she tried to give it all to him

He only seemed amused and left

He never believed her and had only fed her lies


She was distraught and alone

Left with so much to give and no one to believe

In her and her love…