Your Voice

I woke today much the same
As I do most every day
But deep inside my heart
I knew something was astray
I always think of you
But this was more like fear
A nagging premonition
Of danger that was near
I gave you a phone call
Just to hear your voice
And set my mind at ease
I had no other choice
Nothing was wrong
But I had to make sure
Your comforting voice
Was the only cure
So now I feel better
But still I wonder why
My day could be so disturbed
That it almost made me cry


Your arms are around me again
Like you had never even gone
You gently caress my cheek
As we watch the growing dawn
You softly kiss me once
And my heart skips a beat
I always dreamed of this moment
For when we first would meet
But my imagination
Is just carried away again
I am lost in the daydream
And can’t help but grin
Truth is less romantic
And leaves me wanting more
But for now I only cry
Remembering you at the door
Someday we may have our chance
To explore our love another time
Until then I will embrace you
In a moment that is sublime

Mumbles… Assay


My mind is muddled tonight. Assay is not a common part of my vocabulary and all I can think tonight is that would be the way to phonetically spell out Foghorn Leghorn saying “I say” with his thick southern accent. So instead of writing I am thinking about cartoons of my youth.

Truth be told I just feel pretty disconnected tonight. Had a cold shoulder reaction from a friend and my daughter both the last two days and I am just a little fed up with it. I care, I care a lot and maybe that is a character defect instead of a good thing. But to a certain extent you expect others to care back at least a fraction of what you give out. I have had too many “friends” be there and then on the flip of a switch be gone. I don’t get it. I don’t understand how you can act like a good friend and then up and turn silent… no text, no calls, no emails.

To my fault or credit, once I care about someone, I care forever. I spent nearly 30 years missing a friend from grade school… we finally found each other through Facebook about 3 years ago. But in that time I never stopped saying she was my friend. I still cared and wondered where she was and if she was happy.

In the past 5 years or so I have had 4 people I considered good friends go silent… how can you do that to a friend. If something is wrong bring it up, have a fight or something, but just becoming distant to NOTHING is so rude and HURTS LIKE HELL.

Well I am just rambling and spewing forth a bunch of pain…you have better blogs to get to. I do thank you for reading. I hope there are a few who made it this far tonight. For you I send wishes for a wonderful night/day!

Fragile World

On my dresser
Lies a wooden box
Encrusted with shells
We collected together
Whenever I see it
I remember that day
Walking on the beach
In the summer sun
Your small hand in mine
Your wide eyes searching
A smile growing
Whenever you found a new shell
A tear rolls down my cheek
As I know you’ll never
Walk with me again
Thanks to the bullet
In your spine…


I have made up my mind
And you are set in yours
You see nothing wrong
I see disaster on the horizon
I tried to compromise again and again
But you never kept your word

If I had known then
What I know now
How tragedy would strike
Would I have been able to stay?
Or would your lies still
have driven me away
All I know now
Is you didn’t see the truth
And it ended with our daughter devastated
And me forever missing
The man I once loved