Mumbles … mnemonic

I loved my seventh grade English teacher. She always had a great demeanor and made learning fun. I will never forget one day when we were getting our theme papers back.

I walked into class and took my seat. Mrs. Whitmer closed the door and gathered our papers at her desk. She handed the papers back and then began to yell at the class. Ok, she didn’t really yell, but I was shocked to see she was almost angry. She was disappointed in our writing and was going to demonstrate a point that was a repeated problem with the papers.

She went to the far left side of the chalk board and wrote the letter “a.” She then walked to the far right side of the chalkboard and wrote “lot.” Placing the chalk back in the tray she turned back to us and told us those two words do not touch each other and never should.

That image hits me every time I type “a lot” … her point was made quite clearly and is still with me to this day nearly forty years later. Do you have any vivid memories of your favorite teacher?


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