Mumbles… Assay


My mind is muddled tonight. Assay is not a common part of my vocabulary and all I can think tonight is that would be the way to phonetically spell out Foghorn Leghorn saying “I say” with his thick southern accent. So instead of writing I am thinking about cartoons of my youth.

Truth be told I just feel pretty disconnected tonight. Had a cold shoulder reaction from a friend and my daughter both the last two days and I am just a little fed up with it. I care, I care a lot and maybe that is a character defect instead of a good thing. But to a certain extent you expect others to care back at least a fraction of what you give out. I have had too many “friends” be there and then on the flip of a switch be gone. I don’t get it. I don’t understand how you can act like a good friend and then up and turn silent… no text, no calls, no emails.

To my fault or credit, once I care about someone, I care forever. I spent nearly 30 years missing a friend from grade school… we finally found each other through Facebook about 3 years ago. But in that time I never stopped saying she was my friend. I still cared and wondered where she was and if she was happy.

In the past 5 years or so I have had 4 people I considered good friends go silent… how can you do that to a friend. If something is wrong bring it up, have a fight or something, but just becoming distant to NOTHING is so rude and HURTS LIKE HELL.

Well I am just rambling and spewing forth a bunch of pain…you have better blogs to get to. I do thank you for reading. I hope there are a few who made it this far tonight. For you I send wishes for a wonderful night/day!

4 thoughts on “Mumbles… Assay”

  1. There is a saying about some people being in your life for a reason or only a season. I also used to be heart broken at losing a friend, but as I’ve aged I have come to learn that they have left to make space for those that move along with my growth or understand the ‘new’ me as I learn and grow. But there are those that will always be thought of long after they have gone. As for the silence, I agree that it is rude.

    Good luck. Hope you feel better soon.

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