Mumbles… Rube Goldberg Machines

Looking at yesterday’s word prompt instantly bought to mind two things… Rubik’s Cube and Rube Goldberg machines. A Rubik’s cube is just my twisted mind finding a similar word right away. But a Rube Goldberg machine is one of those multiple step machines to accomplish a simple task.

The RG machine is always something that has fascinated me. A marble drops into a bucket on the end of a lever that moves up into a switch that turns on a record player that spins a domino into a series of dominoes that topple over into a glass of water that overflows and propels a ball that rolls into a toy car that travels down a ramp that knocks another marble into a cup … it all finally turns on a lightbulb.

They have yearly competitions for RG machines and a dedicated website where you can see many examples here. I don’t really recall studying them much but I remember my niece got to work on constructing one in class and couldn’t stop talking about it.

Probably the most memorable one of my time was the one used in the movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure where he makes breakfast with a RG machine. A more recent example is an Ok Go video “This Too Shall Pass.” Both of those examples are at the above link.
I can spend a lot of time just watching these machines in action… want to watch with me?

Social Anxiety

A simple trip to the store
Is never simple for me
The whispered voices echo in my head
As words spoken about me
Suspicious glances torment me
And leave me aware of all eyes on me
Anxiety leaves me fragile and afraid
Seeing danger in every aisle
Why has my brain warped society
Into something to be afraid of

Positive For Peace

Don’t lecture me
About what is meant to be
I know this world can be rotten
I haven’t forgotten
But focus on the good
I am sure that you could
If you only give it a try
And stop asking why
Take just a moment for peace
Bad thoughts will then cease
And you will discover the world is more kind
To someone with a clear state of mind

Mumbles … mnemonic

I loved my seventh grade English teacher. She always had a great demeanor and made learning fun. I will never forget one day when we were getting our theme papers back.

I walked into class and took my seat. Mrs. Whitmer closed the door and gathered our papers at her desk. She handed the papers back and then began to yell at the class. Ok, she didn’t really yell, but I was shocked to see she was almost angry. She was disappointed in our writing and was going to demonstrate a point that was a repeated problem with the papers.

She went to the far left side of the chalk board and wrote the letter “a.” She then walked to the far right side of the chalkboard and wrote “lot.” Placing the chalk back in the tray she turned back to us and told us those two words do not touch each other and never should.

That image hits me every time I type “a lot” … her point was made quite clearly and is still with me to this day nearly forty years later. Do you have any vivid memories of your favorite teacher?


For the daily word prompt mnemonic

Only For You

“No. I insist, let me get the check,” she said and pulled the payment folder out of his grasp.

“It was my idea to meet” he replied. “At least let me get the tip.”

Once the monetary obligations were done they headed to the parking lot. She was full of butterflies inside at what would be next. She had known him for years but they had only just met in person. He was someone she cared for greatly over the years of online and old-fashioned snail mail correspondence. But this was different, he was here now. He was within reach and a part of her wanted more than a friendship… he was after all very good-looking and had been her best friend for a while now.

“Let’s head to that coffee shop you always talk about and finish our conversation” he suggested.

She bit her tongue and stopped herself from saying yes. A girl can’t seem too eager. “I have to work in the morning. If I fill my night with coffee I will never sleep.”

He put his hand on her shoulder and said, “they do sell decaf babe.”

At the mention of the word babe she had to smile. He started calling her that about a year ago and she found if sweet even though it was not a very PC thing to like. “Ok, will you drive so we don’t waste my gas?”

“Only because you asked nicely,” he said dropping his hand by his side again. Her shoulder suddenly felt very cold. She realized his hand had been really warm and a thought went through her mind about how warm the rest of him would be. A small embarrassed laugh escaped her before she knew it.

He turned back to her and asked, “something funny I said?”

“Just a happy memory sneaking up on me.”

“Care to share it with me?”

She wanted to share a lot with him, “maybe this one should stay private for now.”

“You’ll make me pout,” he said and stuck out his bottom lip.

Before she could stop herself she reached up to push his bottom lip back in and was instantly feeling the heat of a blush crossing her cheeks. He grabbed her hand and without missing a beat said, “Don’t spoil my pout.”

It felt like forever but it was only about 5 steps to his car when he let go of her hand and opened the door for her. Another old-fashioned act of chivalry he was full of. “Such a gentleman” she grinned at him.

“Just wait, I will show you how much of a gentleman I can be” and he shut the car door.

A memory clear back to her youth, just out of high school came to her. A time when she would sit in the middle of a bench seat next to her boyfriend on a drive. She glanced down at the console that separated the two seats and sighed.

As he got into the car she said, “I can’t believe you made the trip all the way here to see me.”

“It wasn’t’ that far from the hotel” he grinned and then added, “only for you babe, only for you.”


Ok … another attempt at fiction.  I know it is sappy but this is just days away from Valentine’s Day so bear with me.  PLEASE let me know what you think.  Have a wonderful night/day!

Life Is Ever Changing

As I tend to my mother
I remember the days
She would take care of me
Now she needs help with so much
It is my turn to help her
As I brush out her hair
That we have just washed
I have to hold back tears
I know her life will never be the same
And neither will mine…

Too soon she is gone
And I long for another chance
To just be able to brush her hair