A Spring Wedding

He told her he was going to get married. All her heart heard was she was betrayed. She had known him since kindergarten and they had promised to get married and have a family one day. He had passed it off as a childhood fantasy, but she felt deeply it was real. She smiled and said, “Congratualations! I hope the two of you will be very happy.”

“Thanks. You, of course will be a part of the wedding party, I insist.” He added with a smile, “Maybe you can be my best (wo)man, is that allowed?”

She began to cry.


The snow is falling fast and the winds continue to howl. You were supposed to be here over an hour ago. I check my phone; no messages, it’s still silent. I am frantic with worry as the visibility outside continues to dwindle. The news talks of accidents and abandoned vehicles.
Once more I go to the door, open it and look up and down the street for any sign of a car. The icy chill greets me as I hear what could be an engine. I hold my breath, waiting, until at last I see headlights and you returning home.

Picky Eater

The microwave beeped as the potato finished cooking. Nancy pulled open the door and yelled, “Cindy, dinner’s ready.”

From upstairs there was the noise of scrambling feet as Cindy came out of her room and ran down the stairs. “Walk!” Nancy yelled. This was an ongoing battle between the two of them.

“I don’t know why you can’t just walk down the stairs like a young lady.” Nancy stated as Cindy slid across the kitchen floor in her socks. Cindy just laughed and poked at the potato on the plate. “Did you micro this? It makes the skin tough, Mom.”