Mumbles … Not So Typical

The last 24 hours have not been typical. We started with the thunderstorm, that went into rain and fog, and then it transitioned to snow… talk about all types of weather in one day’s time! I had to go to the city for a doctor appointment. But my daughter wanted lunch so we met where she works and she got to drive in the chaos that is Des Moines traffic. I discovered I had the wrong appointment time (1 instead of 1:40) but was able to be worked in early. At the restaurant there was only one serving of the daily special left, so my daughter got that for lunch, and I ordered something else. I went back home and sitting down to my laptop I had started to look at my emails and a new one came through from a local radio station… I won tickets to go see Kansas in concert plus a gift certificate to a local bar/restaurant. So I picked up tickets today after I took my Dad to a doctor’s appointment. Phew!

I am really excited to go to the concert. It has been way too long since I have seen a live show. There is such an energy at a live show from both the performer and the audience that I love! And although I don’t know all of their songs I do like what I have heard of their music… great harmonies. Now I just have to wait until May!

So now I kick back and relax from the stress on all that activity. I have some music playing on my laptop and it is time to get back to reading the posts I am behind on. At least this afternoon has been a little more typical.

I hope you all have a good day/night!  (((HUGS)))


4 thoughts on “Mumbles … Not So Typical”

  1. Wow – talk about a range of weather. And all in one day! Things have not been that crazy here, but my family is also stuck in such weather. I shall soak in some sunshine for you 🙂 Congrats on winning. I do hope you enjoy when you go!

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